Q: What kind of gift do you two like?
A: The best gift is seeing you in our wedding so you may share our Joy.  Gift or no gift is not main concern.  There are some items chosen in our Gift Registry if you really want to send us a gift.  As we have not bought a house yet, we will save up all the store credit and cash gift for future use as well.  ^_^  Thanks for your generous gift.

Q: Do I need a user account for your Guest Book?
A: No.  No register or login required.  You may enter your name as username.

Q: Are you going to Honeymoon?  Where and when?
A: We'll have a 3 weeks Honeymoon travel to Europe.  12 days of Mediterranean cruise and follow by fun backpack land travel.  We'll board on Emerald Princess at Venice, Italy starting May 12.   ^_^