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March 29, 2008

Thanks Melis for doing the cookie trial and playing the piano last week. ^_~

Friday, invite ready to pick up on -Finally.

Mm - gift boxes sample ready! BeauTiful!  

Make up trial this afternoon– it’s great!

Banquet full course trial tonight – not bad. ^0^

March 23, 2008

Thanks my hard working bridesmaids!

Mama (Tracy)- followed up with wedding preparation deadlines and other coordinating tasks.

Z (Zabrina) – made gift boxes samples

Mm (Emily)-  Spent time at Michael’s for 3 hours for materials and wrote the poem for Alan and I. ^^

雙雙 (Fion)- had the wanted MC (Mr. Wong) under arrest. 


March 20, 2008

Well…seems like I can never get my invitation cards settled… the print shop messed up our wedding invitation cards again!.. How many more weeks do I have to wait? ..

Sorry, my friends and family, we will not be able to hand out the invitation card as early as we wished.  We will definitely try to hand out the cards by the begining of April (a month before our wedding).

March 18, 2008 - 

Pretty gifts from relatives


多謝 媽姨, 3, 3姨丈, 舅父,, 5, 5姨丈, 6, 6姨丈,7, 7姨丈, and all my cute 表弟,表妹s

 The necklace and bracelet are LOVELY! I LOVE THEM!!

Thankssssssssssss! I love you!   

Chinese Traditional Cakes! Yum Yum! 

They are fresh from Hong Kong. Yummmmmm.....

This is one of my favorite! 


March 16, 2008 - Our web site is READY! - thx Alan for putting effort on this extra fancy website. 

Classes were finally over for this month…One more month, the course will be ALL OVER. Work, school, wedding are just too much to handle.