Alan's Baptism Testimony

  I am glad that God brought my family to Canada because that was my first chance to know about His word in a personal level even though I studied in a catholic school in HK.  I attended fellowship, Sunday school and worship in a weekly basis and I got to know about God more.  On March 31, 1997, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior.  The reason I believed in Him was because I recognized God is love and He showed His love by sending His son, Jesus Christ to earth and to die for me.  The creator of all creations, the almighty and humble God scarifies Himself to save me from sin. This is the greatest love I ever know.  I was the son who was lost and my father in Heaven was waiting for me to come back.  I have no regret making this decision because God is so good to me.

  I am thankful for the blessing that the Lord had poured upon me. God has given me a wonderful family which takes care of me from birth, a caring and supportive father, a mother who does not require me to do chores and two cheerful sisters to play with.  I give thanks to God that He has chosen me to become part of heavenly family.  Furthermore, God has blessed me through academics.  I was not a good student because I was always lazy and unwilling to study.  But God gave me a chance to study at a good university, allowing me to have a professional career and taught me how to pursue a meaningful life.  During university life, God has taught me how to deal with difficulties and people’s conflict in university and fellowship.  I have shared these valuable experiences with brother and sister in Christ and I have learned how to love the people around me.  God not only saved me spiritually so my soul will not be eternally separated from my Heavenly Father but He has saved me physically from a car accident.  On the day after my last exam in April 2002, I realized that there was a serious car accident happened that night.  A car was split in half after collided with a truck and two of my classmates were killed. I was also being invited to the house gathering.  I did not join them because I got a very late notice and I was tired from exams.  Counting the odds about this instance, I am very certain that I would be in the same car and be one of the victims.  My God is an awesome God. He saved me from all harms so I may witness Him and glorify Him.

  I have changed in many ways after I have become a Christian.  I have learned how to be more considerate toward people and I have become more forgiveness.  I have learned to work hard on my academic which it is one of the ways to glorify Him.  I have learned what is right in God’s eye so I may not sin against Him.  The more I know about the Bible, the more I am amazed by God’s doing.  I will continue to follow Jesus so I may serve Him with my given talents.  Cord 2 5:17

(Jesus said, “John 14:16”)

  I am a new man since the day I received Jesus Christ as my personal savior and I have the Spirit of God live within me.  I have the power and strength to overcome difficulties and sin.  I also have the forgiveness and comfort from God to recover from each fall.  I will continue to love my God by serving Him.  I will serve Him by serving people, serving His church with rest of my life.